Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Jewelry/Hair Clip Organizer

So lately I have been in a reorganize the house mode. One thing that is terribly in need of a make-over is the girls' hair clips and jewelry. I had no idea what to do with it. We had been using a small box, but eventually they started spilling their way out or never making it back to the box. Something had to be done. Thanks to Pinterest (which I LOVE btw) I came across a cute little organizer made from a frame and some ribbon. It took me a day to make it (mostly because I had to wait for the paint to dry) and the girls absolutely love it. So here is the tutorial for making one if you've fallen in love with it as much as I have.

I apologize for not taking pictures of the process. But as it's super easy, I think it will be okay to simply explain.

You'll need a picture frame to start. I got mine at the dollar tree and it's an 11x14. Originally it was black, so I had to apply several coats to cover up the original black color. I will warn you though that if you go the route of dollar tree frame, they are very thin, so you will have to take more time and attention when drilling the holes as to not poke though the other side. Another great place to look for cheap frames would be at your local thrift store. Sometimes you can find amazing frames there for cheap.

Next you will need a box of hooks. I chose white as they matched the frame and got them in the hardware section of Krogers/Fred Meyers. However, I believe you can purchase these from Home Depot or other hardware stores as well. Mine are 7/8" I believe.

You will also need ribbon. I had scraps left over from other projects, so all I did was search for pieces long enough and the right colors. But if you don't have ribbon you can usually find cute cheap ribbon at Jo Ann Fabrics in the clearance and scrapbook areas. Dollar Tree usually has ribbon it just depends on the time of year as to what kinds you will find there. Micheals craft stores also have ribbon priced around a dollar in their dollar bins. Or if you are lucky enough to have a scrapbook store by you they will have ribbon; most are usually priced around a dollar. Some scrapbook stores charge by the yard, which would be ideal if you wanted to coordinate different ribbons.

And lastly you will need a hot glue gun or staple gun to attach your ribbon. And perhaps a drill to drill holes for the hooks if you can't hand screw them in.

The process now is simple:

1. Paint frame if needed
2. Drill holes for hooks (or hand screw them into the frame) The hooks will go on the bottom side of the frame. This is for hanging necklaces and bracelets.)
3. If you had to drill holes, hot glue the hooks inside the holes.
4. Cut ribbon to desired length and space out on the back of the frame- all going one direction.
5. Now hot glue (or staple) both sides to an opposite side of the frame, as seen in the picture.

Viola! You now have an organizer for $5- 10 dollars (or in my case under $5). Now hang your master piece and start organizing that jewelry. :)

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