Monday, March 18, 2013

Additional content and Shoes

So I've had this blog now for ...oh about a year and a half now.  And in that time I think I have managed to post maybe 12 posts total. And why is that? It's not for a lack of things to say...I'm not a complete shut in.  I just find that every time I bring up the old blog page I agonize about what to write and the "direction of the blog". Ya know, the stuff we read on the how to do it pages or in the interviews of successful bloggers.

This year, like every other, I sat down and wrote a list of resolutions. And number 5 on that list was to blog more. Which means I either have to type up way more kid related projects or I have to add additional content to my blog.  And since I'm not one for simply posting projects that I don't like just to raise my post count, that means I'll be adding a bit more "real" to the blog. Little by little.

So, here's what I do when I'm not playing with my kids, creating new craft/art projects for them to do or teaching......

I paint shoes!
And other stuff....but I love painting shoes.

My most recent ones. The pink ones were for Clara from her favorite book series, Goddess Girls. She was adorable and eagerly showed them off at school.  I'm currently working on a Monster High pair. When done, I'll post them.
Well there you have it, additional content.  :)

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