Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Anime/ Japanese Birthday Party 2

The living room table was set up with the girls' party wear, goodie bags and the first activity.

To incorporate cosplay into the party, each girl got to pick and take home a Pokemon head band.  We felt these were fun and cute and better suited to our party than party hats.  The headbands came from the dollar tree a while back. They came in packs of 6. Right now, our dollar tree only has packs of 4, which is still a good deal, but you may be able to find a larger lot on Amazon for cheap. The ears and other Pokemon traits were made from felt I picked up on sale at JoAnns.

The goodies bags all had hand drawn anime characters on  them. The bags themselves came for the dollar tree.  I drew the characters on with a ball point pen and wrote thanks across the top of each bag in Japanese. However, you could just as easily print out an image and paste it or trace it to the front of each bag to achieve the same look.

To share her love of decora fashion with her friends, the first activity was making decora hair clips. Each girl got to paint several cabochons and then glue them to  hair clips. This activity was really cost effective. You can get sets of 6 hair clips (or 12 total) at the dollar store for medium sized clips. The cabochons we made out of hot glue and a silicon mold. You can buy hot glue at the dollar store as well. We always have hot glue around so the whole activity cost us a couple of bucks. But if you don't have a silicon mold or you don't want to make your own cabochons, you can get them on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay.

We decided not to have a formal cake. Instead each girl got to decorate their own cupcake like a soot sprite from the studio ghibli movies. We used frosting, chocolate sprinkles, pre-made eyes from chocolate (that I had made the day before) and small colored star sprinkles.

Each girl got their own set of chopsticks and silk holder for them to use and take home. It was a lot of fun watching the girls eat candy sushi and other goodies with their new chopsticks. I got a bag of 12 chopsticks and silk holders from Amazon for under 6$.  Making each set (chopsticks and holder) for just under.50 cents. The above photo shows the chopsticks in the holders at each place setting. We also put down pillows at each spot for the girls to sit on (but is not pictured)

We watched a Studio Ghibli movie with dinner and then afterwards the girls played a few sleepover and tween board games.  The biggest hits were the Sleepover Party Game and Truth or Dare, which Sere found on Pinterest. You can find your own copy at Mom of 6.  :)

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